A few words about us

Coming from legal, financial and commercial backgrounds, we at KPOS have a wealth of experience in negotiating contracts and constructing deals on your behalf in a variety of different contexts. We strive for excellence in the art of legal and commercial negotiation and endeavour at all times to provide you with a thorough service.

Sponsorship, Image Rights and Endorsements

By liaising and working directly with a variety of carefully selected and suitable brands, we work hard to secure sponsorship and endorsement deals that are meaningful to you. These services range from personal services arrangements, endorsements, intellectual property and image rights deals personal appearances and licensing to legal and on-going business development.


When relocating with a family, we understand that you will want the best educational opportunities for their children. We are dedicated to ensuring that you continue to receive the education needed to further your fundamental skills. When you leave school and finish playing we will also assist you in accessing and exploring further education opportunities as they arise.

Social Media, PR and Image Support

With every aspect of your life being publicly scrutinised, this can create unwarranted pressure on you to be ‘near perfect’ in public. We know that this can be time-consuming and make distract you from the important task at hand, namely to progress your sporting career. Each member of our team can manage social media accounts and advise on social media content as the need arises.

Financial and Tax Planning

Our team of qualified financial advisers will ensure you receive expert financial and commercial planning advice at all stages of your career and will cover all aspects from Life Assurance, Pensions, Investments, Tax Returns, Mortgages, Loans, Insurance and much much more.

Legal Assistance

At KPOS, we want to cater for any legal need that may arise. We have expertise to deal with the more technical aspects of contract negotiation and drafting, immigration and work permits, image rights, sponsorship, and intellectual property, while also being able to offer a full range of more traditional legal services in a variety of disciplines.

Lifestyle Assistance and Training

At KPOS you can come to us to talk about any aspect of your life. We are committed to ensuring their career longevity and work with the best professionals in the game to assist you with physical training, nutrition and psychology to ensure you perform at an optimum level. No problem is too big or small, and we do our utmost to secure the help you need when you need it.